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Kevin Pasley had a 12 season MLB Career playing in the Bigs for both the Mariners (1976 -1977) and the Dodgers (1974, 1976, 1977).

Kevin suffers from CTE and is in need of Stem Cell Therapy. He has been approved for treatment by;

  • GIOSTAR Mexico in Los Algodones for Allogenic Adipose Derived Stem Cells


Life Span Institute in San Diego for Umbilical Cord Blood Therapy


  • Pacific Stem Cells for Umbilical Cord Blood Therapy enhanced with Wharton’s Jelly and ExeosomesWith your help he is hoping to reduce headaches, stress, the “burning brain” and improve his quality of life.The recommendations for treating indicate an average of 3 treatments at a cost of $11,700 in total via the non-profit arrangements with the APBPA. He would like to try GIOSTAR Mexico first because of the ability to control the matrix of cells better outside of the United States. GIOSTAR Mexico also offers hyperbaric oxygen treatment, nutritional IVs, a self containted premises with hotel rooms, coffee shop, restaurant, pharmacy, gift shop and is just 2 blocks from the border of the United States. The association has sent Richard Hopper, Anna Strong, and Oakland A’s “MoneyBall Closer” Micah Bowie to the facility.


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