What is Stem Cells for All

Stem Cells For All is a collaborative effort between the APBPA and GIOSTAR LABS to bring the power of Stem Cells to those that cannot afford it.

Thanks to all of you, we’ve so far raised$29,964in total!

Change lives
with stem cells.

If you believe an idea can change the world, if you believe one person can make a difference, if you believe that kindness should be first and together we can move mountains, join us.

Sending Love

Everyday we speak with people that cannot afford Stem Cell Therapy and it hurts because they are the ones that need it the most. Your contribution could literally make someone walk again - we've seen it before. 😉

Worldwide Options

Several centers inside the United States are ready to help and we have partners with locations in Mexico, Costa Rica, Columbia, Bahamas, India, China, Dubai and more coming soon.

Secure Donations

The team works hard to make sure your personal information is safe when donating. The latest encryption technology wraps each transaction to make sure you are comfortable.

Change Lives

It has never been easier to make an impact. Buy Shirt, Save Lives says it all. You can help people walk again, breathe again, regain their freedom, dignity and fall in love with life again.




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Dr. Anand Srivasta

GIOSTAR Chairman, Chief Scientist

Micah Bowie

Visionary and Inspiration

Scott Kirkpatrick

GIOSTAR Labs CEO, SCFA Visionary

Ryan Paepke

APBPA Mentor and SCFA Media Contact

Dr. Steven Brody

Administering Physician, San Diego

Jennifer Madison

APBPA Executive Director

Bobby Grich

APBPA President

Mike Dempsey

Non-Profit Advocate, Advisor

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Change lives.

More than 20,000 treatments have been completed world wide with all of our partners, help us complete 20,000 more.

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