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GIOSTAR Labs has agreed to provide treatment discounts to make this possible. For every 25 items sold, 1 treatment is donated by GIOSTAR Labs and the GIOSTAR family.

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The Association of Professional Baseball Players of America is on a MISSION: #stemcellsforall.

Hope inspires and the brotherhood of baseball has once again banded together in partnership with GIOSTARTM to answer thousands of prayers. The tragic story of Micah Bowie has launched a campaign that has raised over $20,000 in days and will now not only treat his needs, but more than 20 cases will be treated and the number is climbing.

  • Micah Bowie wants to try stem cell therapy. He's tried everything else in modern medicine.
  • Micah had a nerve stimulator surgically implanted in his back to deal with back pain from his pro baseball pitching career...
  • The device battery detached and migrated into his chest cavity, destroying the majority of his lung function. Micah only has 9 percent of his lung function left.
  • He needs more back surgeries but died 3 times during the last operation due to his diminished lung capacity.

Due to the $300,000 yearly medical bills the Bowie family has faced, they are not in a position to afford stem cell therapy at this time.

That's why we are making this fundraising effort for Micah....

To help him fund stem cell therapy in collaboration with the Association of Pro Ballplayers of America executive director Jennifer Madison.

40,000 peer reviewed medical journals have been published that have proven that stem cell therapy is completely safe and effective when administered correctly.

The Association Of Professional Ballplayers of America (APBPA), since 1924, has had a mission of ballplayers helping ballplayers. Within hours of learning of this story, APBPA Director, Jennifer Madison and President Bobby Grich stepped in to help Micah. They want to raise $25,000 to get Micah 3 rounds of stem cell treatment with (GIOSTAR) RIGHT NOW to try and save his life.

"The team at Giostar Labs Inc were so moved by how quickly you were able to move mountains for Micah that they have now moved mountains for the entire Brotherhood, your families, and anyone who is a member of the Association to receive free and reduced stem cell treatments from the world renowned Dr. Anand, a researcher at UCSD, UCI, UCLA, and Salk Institute with hundred of publications to his name. Nobody else in the country can come close to matching the discounts for stem cells that have now been offered for Association members."

For more information, please contact:

Jennifer S Madison
Executive Director
Association of Professional Ballplayers of America
23623 N Scottsdale Rd#290
Scottsdale AZ 85255

Thank you for your contribution. Help us build non-profit stem cell centers nationwide. Join us to provide treatment at NO COST to patients. Together we will make this possible.

Join others in their support of Micah Bowie. Donate Now.

After your donation, you will be able to select a position on our soon to be published wall of heroes.

Treatment for Micah Bowie has been covered financially by your generous donations.

Per his wish, we have launched the #stemcellsforall campaign to fulfill his legacy and treat as many as possible.

20 additional treatments are already in process and we are crowdfunding for the next 20 patients.


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  • Official 501(c)3 - 100% write-off for all donations.
  • 100% Transparency with monthly expense reports posted online.
  • Fans can become members too and receive the benefit.
  • Need based assessments covering up to 100% of treatment costs for household income of less than $49,999 (click here for the scale).

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